About Us

Corporate Overview

Three Star Trucking Ltd was established in 1962 in Alida, Saskatchewan. Today we have grown to be one of the largest oilfield trucking companies in western Canada with terminals and corporate offices strategically located in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We provide a wide range of road transportation services to the Oil and gas sector and our main speciality is in hauling Natural Gas Liquids, Crude Oil, Condensate and Salt Water.

Safety and the Environment

At Three Star Trucking Ltd we are committed to the highest standards of safety. We continue to invest in latest technologies to ensure compliance with safety and protection of the environment. Our trucks are equipped with latest monitoring systems that provide constant feedback on safety performance and any breaches to safety are immediately rectified by our safety managers.

Our employees and sub-contractors are continually trained and management ensures that safety procedures are followed at all times. Three Star trucking employees go through a continuous training program designed to harness safety compliance with the end result to benefit our customers.