Rink Donation

The Oxbow Herald

October 19, 2015

Three Star held its first Customer Appreciation Day BBQ on October 7th, 2015.
Three Star also donated $50,000 to the Alida Rink Rebuild Project.
The Welding Shop worked together to build the barbeque over the last couple of months. The Appreciation Day marked the first of its use.

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No business like snow business

Pipeline News

September 9, 2015

Een doing autobody work, primarily on heavy trucks, since 1982.
“I never saw an oil rig until five years ago,” he said. Now he runs the Three Star Trucking heavy collision repair shop in Alida.
He had worked on painting drilling rigs before coming to Three Star. He started out as a basic painter, then became a lead hand and finally was the paint manager at Do-All Industries before the rig builder when bankrupt.
Skipper was the crash of 2009 when he was working in Grande Prairie. At Three Star, he said, “We’re not dead in the water. We’re holding our own.”
“There’s no business like snow business. You get snow on the road, you get business,” he said of collision repair.

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It’s theirs, again

Boettchers once again have full ownership of Three Star Trucking

Pipeline News

September 8, 2015

Several years ago, there was a wave of long-held family companies in southeast Saskatchewan that sold out to larger firms as the ownership started looking at retirement. One of those companies was Three Star Trucking of Alida, which has been owned and operated by the Boettcher family for over 50 years. They sold a majority stake to Provident Energy in October 2011.
Provident was then sold to Pembina Pipeline Corp. As a pipeline company, their trucking operation wasn’t a fit.
“They didn’t want to be in trucking, so they gave us a deal,” said Ken Boettcher, one of the owners.
Thus, in August 2014, the Boettchers bought back the part of the business they had sold just a few years before.

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Heavy truck collision repair available with Three Star Trucking in Alida

Pipeline News

September 7, 2015

Alida– When you have a large fleet of trucks and are in a relatively remote area, it helps to have an in-house repair capability. But Three Star Trucking of Alida has gone beyond having in-house mechanics. They now offer full welding and body work shops that cater to third-party clientele in addition to their own units.
The range of services available include heavy truck and trailer collision repair, sandblasting, welding and fabricating.
Alan “Skip” Skipper is the body shop manager, which includes industrial sandblasting and coating.

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Three Star Trucking Celebrates 50 Years

August 4, 2011

Fifty years in, Three Star Trucking Ltd. of Alida is continuing to grow at an amazing pace.
The company is now operating around 200 trucks, a far cry from the one 50-barrel, single axle truck it started off with. The last few years especially has seen a surge in growth. The company now has around 280 employees.
Last July it was announced that two-thirds of Three Star Trucking would be sold to Provident Energy Ltd. The deal closed in October. It was part of an eventual exit strategy for the Boettcher family, who has owned and operated company since its founding in 1962.
The third generation of Boettchers is already part of the company. Ken Boettcher is the vice-president who handles sales and contracts. Day-to-day operations fall to his brother, Tim, who is also a vice-president. Founder Jim Boettcher is still active in the company as a director, and his wife, Mary, is typically found in the office, assisting in administration.

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